Package Design's 2013 Makeover Challenge

Package Design's annual Makeover Challenge tasks four design agencies with re-imagining the packaging and branding for a product sold in the U.S. Although this is a blue-sky exercise, the competing agencies are encouraged to take a real-world approach to the project by consulting directly with the brand owner on its packaging needs.

The agencies have less than two months to help the brand define its packaging goals, fully develop their best packaging concepts, and then prepare the concepts for presentation to the brand owner and Package Design's readers. Readers voice their opinions online and in person by casting votes at  and at Pack Expo International in Chicago. Their votes will be collected and counted by Package Design's parent company ST Media Group, which will publish the results in the magazine's November 2013 edition.

At the conclusion of the exercise, the brand owners and competing agencies can choose to continue their working relationships but ST Media Group's involvement in the package design projects will end.




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