Feb 23, 2015
Jon Denham Talks Creative Team Dynamics
The VP of Brand Design at ConAgra discusses the need for building the value of package design.

During this in-depth interview with Jonathan Denham, vice president of brand design at ConAgra Foods, Denham shares insights gained from his experience as a creative leader for some of the world’s top brands and a range of consumer packaged goods categories in addition to work in the medical space that spans from brand identity to new delivery systems for vaccines. In his candid, straight-forward style, Denham discusses creative team dynamics, building value in and evaluating the value of package designs, and succeeding when working with the C-suite.

Denham is an industrial designer, a visionary brand and design organization builder, who credits his multi-faceted capabilities to his experience working for some of the world’s leading manufacturers in CPG, food and pharmaceuticals such as P&G and Kraft Foods. His accomplishments cover design innovation, brand building and organizational transformation on a global and regional basis.

Denham applies fundamental design skills to help identify, create and plan solutions to business problems. This leads to the creation and use of tools to define individual and collective elements of a brand experience and plan the development of an improved experience. Denham has applied his skills to individual brands and categories to define unique look, feel, sound and in some cases, aroma all critical the home and beauty care. Most recently, this has been applied at a corporate level to transform the corporate mission, values and identity and being applied to brands and categories within that business.