Sep 3, 2014
How Design Thinking is Transforming Kraft's Brands
Kraft’s head of design and vp of breakthrough innovation dish on changing design strategies

For a company with so much history, change has been a constant at Kraft Foods Group, especially of late. From the late fall 2012 split of Kraft Foods into Kraft Foods Group Inc., which owns the North American grocery business, and Mondelēz International Inc., which focuses on some of the high-growth but currently lower-revenue markets, to the new innovation strategy put in place by vice president of breakthrough innovation at Kraft Foods Group Barry Calpino and the hiring of Peter Borowski, head of design at Kraft Foods Group and who, perhaps, is best known for his role in the creation of MiO’s category-changing design.

As part of our Design Matters video series, we caught up with Calpino and Borowski at Kraft Foods Group’s headquarters outside of Chicago to discuss innovation, design and developing environments and teams that support these branding initiatives. To view the other videos in the series, visit the Package Design Matters Video Series page