Jun 16, 2015
Building an Appreciation of Design within a Large Organization
Ximena O’Reilly of Nestlé discusses global brand strategy, package design and multi-sensorial branding.

During this in-depth interview with Ximena O’Reilly, global head of visual identity and design at Nestlé, O’Reilly dives into global brand strategy and package design, multi-sensorial branding and building an appreciation of design within a large organization. Additionally, she discusses the use of digital printing to deliver a unique experience to consumers, leveraging digital asset and project management software to optimize strategic efforts, and design for the small screen and e-commerce. 

O’Reilly is based in the headquarters in Switzerland. Her global role often has her traveling to different international markets to consult on their designs and recognize opportunities. To leverage that design knowledge company-wide, she uses Salesforce Chatter to inspire and educate. “I’m sure on this trip, I’ll see some interesting visual identity work or packaging and post it to Chatter with some commentary,” O’Reilly says. “I can post it to the whole organization, all 380,000 employees of Nestlé could see my post if they so choose, or to specific groups within Nestlé. For example, I have a group of followers that discuss packaging specifically.”

In addition to her online learning activities and in-market consultations, O’Reilly has created design workshops for Nestlé. The Five Senses workshop looks at the multi-sensorial properties of the brand and helps develop an understanding of multisensory design across departments. “This makes it easier to say, ‘this isn’t just about packaging; it’s about how our brand comes to life from the look to the feel,” she explains. 

This webcast was part of the May installment of the Package Design Matters Thought Leadership Series.