The bio-based razor tray is composed of a proprietary blend of renewable plant fibers.
Custom-printed color labels can be embedded with virtually any type of small seeds.
There was a time when it was easy for natural beverages to stand out on soda-crowded shelves. Not anymore.
Choice Changes: An organic tea brand’s careful redesign aims to steep its product in the foodie culture while continuing to embrace its loyal fans.
Squeeze & Stir, available in the U.K., uses a small plastic pouch to contain a wet-soup concentrate instead of a small envelope with dry mix.
Mushroom Sauté is a 7-oz. heat-and-serve product that contains washed, fresh mushroom slices, Grade A butter, and all-natural seasonings.
Friesland- Campina Friesche Vlag logo and packaging needed a refresh to better identify and unify its range of liquid dairy offerings.


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