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WWP Partners with Nu-World Beauty to Introduce Innovative Technology

Posted: April 7, 2010

World Wide Packaging Inc., a leading provider of cosmetic packaging components, announced their partnership with Nu-World Beauty to introduce the revolutionary new “Tube in a Tube” manufacturing filling technology.
For this partnership, World Wide Packaging has developed 50-mm outer tubes with 35-mm inner tubes, in addition to 19-mm outer tubes with 10-mm inner tubes. Nu-World Beauty’s new high-speed machine will be capable of filling and crimping both sizes of these unique double tubes.
“As a leader in component sales and marketing, World Wide Packaging strives to remain innovative and forward-thinking in creating superior goods and services for our customers,” says Barry Freda, president and CEO/CFO of World Wide Packaging. “We pioneered the development of this very special product delivery system, and as you can imagine, we are quite proud and excited to bring this new technology to market.” For more, visit or