The QR code: It’s what’s for breakfast

Posted: February 6, 2012 by
Ben P. Rosenfield

Surprises outside of the cereal box could soon complement the ones buried inside if Mark Addicks, chief marketing officer for General Mills, has his way with the packaging used for the breakfast mainstay.

A recent “Talking Tech” column, published by USA Today, reveals that Addicks is contemplating the benefits of bringing smart-phone and mobile-device interactivity to the company’s cereal portfolio. His concept involves using QR codes to deliver digital content to young consumers—visual surprises, as he puts it.

General Mills already uses smartphone apps, YouTube videos, and other interactive media to fortify some of its other brands. Addicks hopes to use QR codes to guide cereal consumers, who he says already lay eyes on a cereal box a dozen times, on average, to functional and entertaining content that will continue to build product interest and brand loyalty.

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