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Tapemark awarded patent for Snapplicator

Posted: April 17, 2014 by
Linda Casey

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent no. 8,113,730, entitled "Dispensing Package with Applicator” to Tapemark for its Snapplicator packaging for semi-solids. Jim Maloney and Pat Cody, with 22 and 20 years of employment respectively, were named the inventors.

“Snapplicator, with its built-in applicator, offers even more convenience for the user when that liquid or ointment is something you don’t want to get on your hands,” says Tom Yetter, Tapemark’s vice president of research and development. “Through their ingenuity, Jim and Pat developed the now-patented Snapplicator, which addresses the market’s needs and is driving strong sales.”

Snapplicator expands upon Tapemark’s patented Snap! product line with the addition of an applicator, offering “no-touch” application of pharmaceutical and consumer products in a convenient, unit-dose dispenser. Unopened, Tapemark’s Snapplicator lies flat for ease of packaging; when in use, the applicator pops up three-dimensionally to offer a maximum wiping surface with the applicator.

Additional members of the Snap! product family include the Snap! Dual Chamber, ideal for two-formula applications where the formulas must remain separate until use; Snap! Array, for a convenient way to carry multiple pre-measured doses; and Snap! Duet, containing two different lotions or gels, each in an individual Snap but packaged side-by-side as a duet.