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Svedka Vodka announces newest line

Posted: February 6, 2017 by
Katie Gravely

Svedka Vodka announces its new Svedka Blue Raspberry, an addition to its award-winning portfolio.

"Svedka constantly looks to break the mold by introducing bold flavors to the vodka category, and we're excited to unveil Svedka Blue Raspberry as the newest dynamic addition to our award-winning portfolio," says Diana Pawlik, Svedka Vodka's Vice President of Marketing. "Svedka Blue Raspberry is an electric, sweet and sour flavor combination, offering Millennials an adventurous new meta-flavor to match their exhilarating approach to life."

Svedka's iconic, shelf-popping, two-tone packaging communicates the bold flavor blend with vibrant fuchsia raspberry tones transitioning to an electric blue hue.