Color Management

Software applications manage production details so you can focus on design.

Posted: November 16, 2011 by
Linda Casey

PRODUCT FOCUS: Design and digital asset management software

Package Inspection Software
Global Vision ScanTVS inspects a range of printed packages and packaging components, including package inserts, cartons, labels, foils, and tubes. The packages are checked against match-approved “masters” for print defects, missing and broken elements, and color differences. ScanTVS also can verify and translate printed braille and verify and grade bar codes.

Digital Asset Management Software
The Media Collective, Widen Enterprises’ hosted digital asset management (DAM ) system, supports diverse creative and marketing workflows with a scalable architecture and a centralized digital media and marketing resources library. To enable quick deployment, version 5.7 is built as software as a service (SaaS) subscription.

DAM with Versioning
Evolphin Zoom 2.8 DAM and versioning product is written for tight integration with Adobe creative applications, and includes a new Adobe CS5 Extension Status bar. This version also introduces a MacOS X Finder plug-in and a visual asset browser with local project folder awareness. To help package designers quickly access different versions of designs as they evolve, Zoom also has an asset versioning feature.

iPad-optimized DAM
The newest version of Extensis Portfolio Server introduces iPad capabilities. Portfolio Server’s Media Engine is powered by the Equilibrium MediaRich Server, which is engineered to enable fast file processing by completing many production tasks on the server versus the client devices.

QR Code Creation and DAM
NetXposure 6 introduces automated QR Code generation to its DAM software. Team collaboration and workflow improvements include shared saved searches, public links with password protection, and upload approval workflows.

Graphics Collaboration Software
BLUE is an integrated suite of Web-based enterprise software solutions for graphics collaboration, workflow management, DAM, and graphics lifecycle management. Users can view the entire graphic lifecycle process in real time. Processes created electronically as templates can be re-used for package design consistency. These templates can vary in complexity from simple artwork approval cycles to management of process from the creative brief through the creation of the print-ready files.

DAM in the Cloud
Image Relay is a DAM application written to securely manage and distribute digital assets in the cloud. The SaaS application is in a hosted online environment, which enables users to rent storage capacity as their needs vary and grow.

Modular DAM System
MediaBank Gold is a modular asset management system that can manage multiple design data files—such as graphics, product information management, variable-data and personalization printing files, and package designs—in one software solution.

Mobile-ready DAM
The Canto Cumulus DAM platform can be used for single-portal access to enterprise-wide collections, with software clients for Mac, PC, Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Web browsers. Each metadata catalog can store 1TB of metadata, including thumbnail images for assets; asset-file collection size is limited by media storage capacity and not by the software.

3-D Package Design
EskoArtwork Studio is a set of 3-D packaging design tools that integrate with software, such as Adobe Illustrator, to create 3-D virtual packages. Designers can choose from a range of substrates, printing, and finishing effects to create a package simulation and export the package design as a PDF file or movie.

Brand-Asset Management
Kodak Design2Launch is a centralized digital workflow and brand-asset management solution that securely organizes and distributes artwork, layouts, and other assets. The application is written to provide real-time collaborative reviews, project tracking, and approvals; customizable project management for package artwork development; and Kodak Smart Review Proofing Client for secure remote proofing, and approvals.

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