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Softlips' rebrand is a "natural"

Posted: November 14, 2011 by
Linda Casey

With newly design tubes and card-packs, Softlips, owned by The Mentholatum Company, has an updated brand positioning that highlights its natural ingredients and increases its appeal to a larger range of young women.

The new branding appeals to two core consumer groups: sophisticated teenagers and young women looking to assert their femininity. According to the Marcus Hewitt, chief creative director of Dragon Rouge, Mentholatum Company was doing a great job appealing to teenagers with Softlips range of flavors but it needed to find a way to expand Softlips appeal to other young women looking to assert their femininity.

Eric Zeitoun, president, Dragon Rouge, adds, "The common insight for both groups was their preference for natural products and ingredients, which led to the overall brand positioning of: ‘natural expression,’ and guided the refresh of the identity and packaging.”

The idea of natural is conveyed through ingredient photography on the card-packs while the pure white slimline tubes convey the idea of natural. The logotype evolved from an inclined script to a stacked and contemporary one that conveys greater sophistication and shelf presence.