Snapshots: December 2016 / January 2017

Posted: December 9, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

Eye-Catching Design
Colors set to attract ‘little’ consumers.

A design that’s a little more than two months old (at time of publication) is creating buzz by consumers.

Plum Organics Eat Your Colors line delivered on the brand’s mission: “to provide the very best food to little ones from the very first bite.”

“Our in-house creative team focused on combining the brand equity of our logo on a white palette with our garden-gorgeous photography nested around the clear window,” says senior vice president of brand marketing and innovation Ben Mand. “The horizontal band of color clearly communicates ingredients and creates a rainbow billboarding effect on the shelf.”

The pouches are made of non-BPA plastic; the first line from Plum Organics to be produced in a clear pouch, Mand says.

The six recipes include culinary combos from ingredients of a single hue, such as, pea, kiwi, pear and avocado.

The new line is available at select retailers, including Target, Babies”R”Us and Amazon.


Food Feeling
Design goal to communicate premium product.

Fawen Drinkable soup is a new collection of coconut-water based, chilled, ready-to-drink soups packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So a package design was needed to match the collection.

“The main challenge for this brand was to create a package design that would communicate the satisfying and ‘food’ feeling of a soup as well as the refreshing convenience of a juice,” says Laura Casinelli, founder of Franklin 11 Inc. (, agency behind the design of Fawen.

The color scheme is based on the colors of the vegetables used in the soups, but brighter to emphasize the “energized” characteristic of the product: vegetables with high nutritional value.

“In a nutshell, we needed to communicate that that product was filling and energizing at the same time, perfect for a busy and active lifestyle,” Casinelli concludes.

The drinkable soup is in a TetraPak ( environmentally-friendly bottle.


Seizing Opportunity
Brand gains customer feedback for new design.

The Idahoan Signature Russets brand saw an opportunity and grabbed it.

“Customers wanted a resealable pouch and a better-tasting mashed potato that they could make their own,” says graphic designer Jeffrey Stafford and creative director Jared Miller, Idahoan Foods.

The brand partnered with DePersico Creative ( to craft a package for Idahoan Signature Russets Mashed Potatoes that would highlight the main attributes of the product—a resealable zipper, 100% real Idaho potatoes, a design that would stand out, and taste and texture to rival mashed potatoes made from scratch.

“We wanted a hint of Americana in the overall package feel, so the colors and elements reflect this aesthetic,” Stafford and Miller continue. “In testing various concepts with customers, the design was the clear favorite and best fit for Signature Russets.”



Bowl Finalists
Campaign leads to package design.

Quaker is an all-family brand offering breakfast and snack options to its consumers. It’s most recent campaign “Bring Your Best Bowl” resulted in a finalist package design.

“The marketing team’s primary goals were to effectively promote the variety pack of finalists’ unique flavors,” says Jose Parado, creative director at Haugaard Creative ( “While on one hand, they wanted the package to stop consumers and compel them to learn more about the unusual flavors, they didn’t want to take away from the brand’s integrity.”

The colors even played a role in the package design.

“We needed to select colors that would effectively convey the unique selections, while also contrasting amongst themselves enough to pop off the carton,” Parado continues. “The rustic background went seamlessly with the Quaker’s brand identity and connected the carton to other Bring Your Best Bowl Promotional assets.”

Hundreds of thousands of submissions were received, and three finalists were selected and featured on the package: Lemon Ricotta Pancake, Apple Cheddar Rosemary and Vanilla Chai.


Stand Out
Design driven to make a presence.

Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer is set to stand out on shelf with its addition of neckers.

“Our bottle neckers are designed to boldly shout that recognition, incorporating the coveted awards seal, where it counts most: on retail shelves,” says Steve Ferris, managing director, North America for Halewood Wines & Spirits. “At the same time, we wanted to reinforce what makes Crabbie’s special: its unique recipe.”

Each variety by Crabbie’s is steeped by fermenting natural ginger for up to six weeks.

“We’re very pleased with how clearly the design conveys the brand’s unique product attributes. The specially-dressed bottles will start reaching retail shelves across the country this month (December 2016),” he concludes.