Smart Design Pioneers New Approach with Customer Experience Lifecycle Workshops

Posted: November 1, 2009

Smart Design, a Glen Ridge, NJ-based consumer product design firm, now offers Customer Experience Lifecycle workshops as part of the design service framework for translating customers' emotional responses into commercially successful products. The workshops are the brainchild of Smart Design president, Tom Dair, and enable more inclusive discussions and evaluations of new ideas between a wider variety of business divisions-from marketing teams and engineers to upper management and board executives.

The non-technical workshops aim to understand the different stages of consumer experience of new products or services over time from a customer rather than a competitor point of view. The workshops focus on the three essential stages a consumer has with a given product/service: awareness, decision-making, and usage. The awareness stage is a pre-purchase "read" that encapsulates an individual's first reaction to a product/service and their initial emotional response-i.e. curiosity, intrigue, confidence, etc. The second stage is the decision-making that entails a closer inspection of the given product/service, with the final 'read' being a post-purchase usage experience. This is drilled down into two sections, a consumer's first-time use and an ongoing usage experience.

"Focusing on a consumer's experience over time encourages repeat customers and promotes brand loyalty," commented Tom Dair, cofounder and president of Smart Design. "Businesses can only compete on price and technology for so long before parity is reached. The next level centers on design. Companies are under immense pressure nowadays to come up with new ideas and developments for innovative designs to compete for market share. However, they don't always realize the importance of a customer's emotional responses that greatly influence an individual's decision to buy, use, and keep a product." For more, visit