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Rexam Personal Care Creates “Glossy Days” Patented Lip Gloss Applicator Collection

Posted: May 2, 2014

The international teamwork of Rexam Personal Care Division project groups, which includes ideation from the new Innovation Center in Chicago, marketing in France, and development in China, has led to the creation of the first significant lip gloss applicator category advance in decades, underscoring the company’s ability to seamlessly manage cross-functional teams.
Called Glossy Days, the initial collection includes eight patented lipgloss applicators, each with its own unique visual and tactile appeal. Promotional demonstration tools—which utilize fun illustrations of fresh, fashion-forward young women to communicate real end-user lifestyle scenarios for Glossy Days applicator usage in an entertaining fashion—enhance the Rexam-customer partnership.
“This is more than the launch of a great new line of applicators,” says Eric Soubeiran, marketing and innovation director at Rexam Personal Care. “The debut of Glossy Days represents the essential value proposition we bring to the table. Our Innovation Center, under the direction of Jill McCurdy, in liaison with the marketing team, works to identify product opportunities, and then gives us the insights needed to develop patented packaging solutions that help our customers succeed in the marketplace.”
In the lipgloss market, explains color cosmetics product manager Pauline Uhlen, there were only a few staple styles available for years. “Our research proved that consumers were ready for a fresh new applicator experience, such as new shapes that surprise and delight and new textures that bring tactile sensations,” she said. “This initial collection is designed to offer brand owners unsurpassed differentiation and product excitement—and represents the value proposition we bring to the table that helps our customers succeed.”
Rather than a simple brush, or flocked tip, each “Glossy Days” applicator’s design geometry and material—soft, transparent, and flexible—is thoughtfully designed for clean, comfortable, elegant, and fun usage that enhances the consumer experience with a unique tactile sensation and provides perfect make-up results. In addition, a flexible wiper is designed to permit easy and efficient application. For more, visit www.rexam.com.