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Rexam’s Mechanical Finger-Pump Enhances Appeal of New Kid-Cleaner

Posted: October 25, 2009

Cofounders Kim Dixon and Lucie Hunter invented their sassy line of MomSpit® no-rinse cleansers to be used by on-the-go parents to clean little hands and faces. Rexam instant-foam dispensing technology was chosen by MomSpit to deliver on the brand’s functionality promise.

The innovative, three-scent line with the high fun factor is powered by the Rexam Airspray M3 and F2 mechanical finger-pumps (for the 2-oz. and 7-oz. sizes). Rexam provides innovative instant-foam dispensers that are computer-engineered mechanisms with sophisticated, proven technology. The dispensers allow a precise mixture of liquid and air to create rich, creamy foam reliably and easily.

“No matter how big you are, new product success in today’s marketplace depends upon an exciting, creative offering that captures consumers’ attention and meets a real need,” says MomSpit cofounder Lucie Hunter. “These foamers are an integral part of MomSpit cleansers’ appeal. They are fun to use, look great—in the purse or on the kitchen counter—work flawlessly and deliver with outstanding quality and efficiency. For more, visit