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R&D/Leverage increases investments following double-digit growth in Europe

Posted: November 13, 2011 by
Linda Casey

Four consecutive years of double-digit growth and last year’s 40 increase in production capacity, has led R&D/Leverage to increase investment in plant capacity, technical material, and personnel. The firm expanded its workforce 13 percent and the sales team has added language and engineering expertise, with the growth of interest in Germany, Poland, Russia and the Middle East.

The engineering department is installed new 3-D design software, based upon “best practices” developed by the group in recent years, according to Alan Tolley, managing director, R&D/Leverage – Europe. A closed loop system for compressed air supply was installed for both the manufacturing facility and Product Solutions Laboratory. In addition, the company increased machine capacity in the steel plate-line CNC Milling department by 50 percent and will expand the apprenticeship training in this department.
With the addition of a second Nissei ASB70DPH version 4 machine in the Product Solutions Laboratory (PSL), this allows for unit tool testing, production tool approvals and material and color trials on site.