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PRODUCT FOCUS: metal and aluminum containers

Posted: October 15, 2011 by
Linda Casey

Beverage Cans
Rexam SLEEK tall, narrow aluminum cans come in 8-, 9.1-, 10.5-, and 12-oz sizes. The manufacturer says the shape provides superior distribution, filling, and retail display economics.

Custom Tins
Custom-shaped and standard metal tins are available with a variety of decorative and printing enhancements, such as embossing, de-bossing, metal perforation and holographic, pearlescent and sparkle finishes.

Digital Printer for Aluminum Rounds
The CP100 UV digital printer can print variable data and images directly onto cylindrical aluminum packages. The patented technology is specifically designed for short-run, personalized, or versioned packaging, and it produces vivid-printed items such as aluminum cans and water bottles in minutes.

Aluminum, Airless Dispenser
The metered dose airless pump body is available in 30- and 60-g aerosol cans. The aluminum can body offers barrier properties and is impermeable to moisture and light. Engineered with high-value topicals in mind, the pump is designed to offer consistent metered dispensing.

Personalized Tins
Custom-labeled tins can be ordered in low minimum order quantities –even as low as one package. Tins are customized using an online tool in four steps: choose a tin, select a label, add any custom art, and submit the order.

Hermetic Cans with Snap-on Slip Covers
Specialty cans have a vacuum-pack with a 502-diameter round, snap-on slip cover. The packages are available in beaded and straight-sided options as well as with seamed ends or easy-open ends.

Heart-shaped Tin
The 10-in. tin is designed for food packaging projects where the designer intends for the package to be retained as a keepsake after the product inside is consumed.

Custom-length Tins
Patented metal cover can be constructed to any length without tearing or malformation. The Fairytale Brownies package was manufactured with an elongated cover that exactly mirrors the height of the body at 1.25 in. Complex and intricate designs can now be printed on a cover’s vertical surface without distortion or ink degradation. Similarly, the embossing contour is maintained on all surfaces.

Stick Packages
Multi-layer stick pack has a laser perforation below the seal for easy opening by the consumer. The PET or paper in the area of the laser seam is partially removed so the aluminum layer remains intact through the perforating process. This technique helps retain the impermeability of the stick pack to water and oxygen.

Foil-polymer Tube
Dual-chamber tube is designed for cosmetics and skin care applications where two formulas need to be dispensed from a single portable package. Engineered to offer a simple, fashionable package that doesn’t require new packaging machinery investment, the tube can be filled and crimped on any hot-jaw style tube filler.

Health and Beauty Containers
The new line of aluminum containers is designed to be compatible with a range of water-based consumer health and beauty products. The lightweight packages are made from 85% recycled aluminum. Decorating options include lithographic printing, embossing, and de-bossing.