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Product Focus: Glass and Rigid Plastic Packages

Posted: April 17, 2012 by
Linda Casey

Custom Luxury Glass Bottle
The David Diamond bottle is textured with a pattern of diamonds and circles on one side and flat glass on the opposite side. The bottle is designed to create a luxurious presentation, while allowing for custom decoration on the flat side. It comes with a 100-mL capacity with a crimp or threaded-neck finish.

Recyclable Airless Dispenser
The Eden 30-mL Slim is an airless plastic
dispenser specifically developed for the women’s skin-care market. Made from
polyethylene and PP, the package is entirely recyclable and conforms to standards for organic cosmetic packaging. To increase package-design options, the company uses a high-speed, hot-stamp foil-decorating technology specifically for the Eden family. The process allows 360-deg hot-foil stamping with pearlized and metalized finishes.

Lightweight Plastic Bottle
PET bottles can be custom designed to replace glass packages for beverage brands looking to reduce distribution costs. The custom PET bottle pictured here replaced Xango’s original glass bottle and saved the brand more than $1 million annually in freight, secondary packaging and breakage-related costs. The glass-replacement look was achieved by recreating the shape in PET and using a full-body shrink label to depict a glass-like appearance.

Large Round Plastic Jars
Alpha Packaging has introduced three new PET, Indented Label Round packages ideal for bulk quantities of protein powders and nutritional supplements. Alpha’s new 1500-, 3785- and 6250-cc packages expand the Alpha PET jar line to a total of six sizes.

Needle-Shaped Plastic Dispenser
The dispenser uses a needle-shaped bottle with a manual pump to dispense luxury and medical creams without exposing the formulas to air.

Single-use Dispenser
The MicroDose is designed to dispense a single dose of gels, liquids, lotions and creams accurately for health-care, cosmetic and personal-care applications in a simple-to-use, disposable package. The MicroDose vials are molded from low-density PE resin and can be used to package nonvolatile products. The package supplier then contract fills and hermetically seals the packages for brand owners.

Clear PVC Folding Carton
Transparent plastic boxes can be custom printed in process and spot colors, with features such as printed inserts and locking tabs. This clear PVC folding carton was custom manufactured for Beverly Johnson’s Drawstring Ponytail product. The outer carton is printed in one color and has a four-color-process insert.

Stout Beer Bottle
Amber beer bottles can be made in traditional long-neck styles or custom shapes. This stubby beer bottle was custom-made for Redhook Brewery to help the brand break away from competitors in the craft-beer category.

Lightweight Beer Bottle
Eco Series bottles are engineered to be lightweight, yet retain the aesthetic qualities of traditional glass bottles. The series is available in a range of colored and clear glass, including this amber-colored beer bottle made for Boulevard Brewery.

PP Airless Package
The Eclipse collection of airless dispensers has a newly designed pump engineered for compatibility with most personal-care-product formulations, even those with higher viscosity and swirl-fill. Made from PP, the pump offers a metal-free dispensing path to uphold the integrity of the formula and provide 98% evacuation of the product. The packages are available in
15-, 30-, and 50-mL sizes. They’re also designed to be ergonomic while maintaining an elegant appearance.

Plastic Jar with Scoop
The powdered product container has a patent-pending neck design that holds a scoop in place without interfering with existing sealing materials or requiring additional plastic pieces. Scoops can be made into active packaging pieces by specifying the packaging piece be converted from DryKeep, a desiccant, entrained polymer that can be sandwiched between two high-density PE (HDPE) layers or a HDPE and a low-density PE layer. Brand names can be printed on the scoop’s handle.

No-touch Dispenser
The Snapplicator is designed for no-touch application of pharmaceutical and consumer products in a unit-dose dispenser. Unopened, the package lies flat for ease of packaging; when in use, the applicator pops up three-dimensionally to offer a large wiping surface.


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