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Powerfully Modern: A new visual vocabulary fortifies package designs with commanding abilities

Posted: March 6, 2012 by
Robert Bergman

Welcome to 2012—a new year with fresh kinetic energy, optimism, and potential. What can we expect? One thing I’m certain of is that we’ll all have less time, patience, and energy to figure out what a packaged product does.
Now more than ever, package designers need to speak the complex language of our modern times. We need to make a package “yell beautifully.” Here are three examples that excel.
I call this power-modernism, and it steers clear of anything extra, dated, busy, or confusing. Power-modernism focuses, excites, and invigorates a brand’s message. It has strong modern typography with an acute design sensibility for aesthetics, balance, harmony, and open space. Combined with imagery that’s never cluttered, complicated, or busy, this type becomes a loud, resonating message that consumers understand immediately.
Power-modernism has the inherent ability to cut through the clutter of crowded shopping aisles, enabling packaged goods to make consumers stop, look, read, and buy. PD
Robert Bergman is founder and creative director of Mpakt (, a luxury product packaging design company in New York, and Bergman Associates (, a design, branding, and advertising company. Bergman is former vice president/creative director of L’Oreal and the recipient of several American Package Design Awards, The Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté, The HBA International Package Design Award, The Type Director’s Club Award, and The Tokyo Art Director’s Club Award.