Pearlfisher Creates Identity for Guzzle Puzzle to Reflect Unique Flavor Combinations

Posted: July 15, 2011

The Natural Confectionery Company is launching a new and unique sugar product in the U.K., Guzzle Puzzle. London-based Pearlfisher has created the brand identity, graphic design, and visual tone of voice for this innovative and exciting new brand.
Guzzle Puzzle offers consumers a new and fun experience by combining two different shaped fruit and spice flavored jelly sweets together like a puzzle. There are five delicious individual flavored sweets that, when two are combined, create one of three totally different and intriguing flavors. For example, cinnamon plus lime equals cola, orange plus banana equals bubblegum, and raspberry plus lime equals pink lemonade. As well as being fun and engaging, the new product comprises great tasting sweets that are made with natural colors and flavorings.
The package design clearly shows how the sweets work together to entice and intrigue those wishing to enjoy the flavor combination sensation. The “what’s your fruity formula?” tagline supports the concept and the fun design draws in and inspires consumers through its novel and playful approach.
Pearlfisher creative director Natalie Chung comments: "The identity is bold and bright to draw immediate interest to the brand and create a feeling of convivial enjoyment with the design highlighting the 'puzzle' element and clearly indicating how the different flavor combinations can be enjoyed."
Louisa Bertano, marketing manager for Candy, says: “The design for Guzzle Puzzle appeals to a broad audience and highlights the exciting and unique nature of the product and the exciting flavor combinations.”