Paperboard Packaging Council | Special Eight-Year Retrospective

Posted: September 15, 2011

 Paperboard Packaging Council | Special Eight-Year Retrospective
The PPC works to grow, promote, and protect the paperboard packaging industry while providing its members with resources and tools to compete effectively and successfully in the marketplace. The 2011 National Paperboard Awards will be revealed at the PPC Fall Meeting, October 12-14, 2011, in Orlando, FL.

2010 Paperboard Package of the Year and 2010 Rigid Box of the Year
Norman Lear DVD Collection
For: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
By: Bert-Co
Designed as a keepsake collector’s edition, this high-end CD box set minimizes the space needed to house multiple discs—and does so without plastic trays. Because its length is no greater than that of a typical CD box set, it also stands out on the shelf.

2010 Innovation Award
Multi-Component Basket Carrier
For: Diageo
By: MeadWestvaco Corporation
Utilizing more uncoated paperboard than traditional basket carriers—as well as a lower caliper combination—this beverage carrier is 30% more efficient to pack, creating better pallet efficiencies, lower fuel costs, and improved warehouse storage.

2010 Folding Carton of the Year
Dove Moments
For: Mars Snackfood US, LLC
By: Graphic Packaging International
This carton’s upscale yet subtle gold background, printed on a metallized, laminated, polyester board, melts into Dove’s iconic ribbon swirl. To reinforce the special nature of this gift, a cloth ribbon is tied into a bow around the carton’s uniquely shaped narrow neck while its color-coded base identifies the specific occasion (birthday, etc.).

2010 Eco Award
Kleenex Hand Towels
For: Kimberly-Clark
By: Great Northern Corporation—Oshkosh
Designed to hang upside down on a towel rack or stand upright on a countertop, the package features an inside printed window for single-pull dispensing, custom-designed interior flaps that form and seal on automated equipment, and a tear-out perforation that provides an easy-to-open window.

2009 Innovation Award
Jack Daniel’s International
For: Brown-Forman
By: TPC Printing & Packaging
For this year’s Innovation Award winner, the innovation was in the details. The jury was particularly impressed with the package’s interactive component. The members disassembled and reassembled the package several times to fully appreciate the precise execution of its features.

2009 Co-National Paperboard Package of the Year
Moet & Chandon’s Bubbles of Seduction
For: Möet Hennessey USA Inc.
By: MeadWestvaco
Representing the upscale possibilities of paperboard, this set-up box was available only through high-end spirit retailers as part of a Valentine’s Day promotion. The hat box concept offered a value-added and prestigious appearance with a retro touch, communicating extravagance, luxury, sophistication, and decadence.

2009 Co-National Paperboard Package of the Year
M&M’s Premiums
For: Mars Inc.
By: Graphic Packaging International
Combining shape with function, this package successfully repositions a well-known product as a premium brand alternative. With strong shelf impact and brand differentiation, the package is complete with “outrigger” feet for shelf stability. A tear-away panel and reclosure on the back provide ease of entry and use.

2008 President’s Award
Brain Toniq Four-Pack
For: Brain Toniq
By: All Packaging Company
To differentiate the world’s first “cognitive enhancement drink” from sports drinks, the carton was designed to let the two inner cans curve around the two outer cans. The 90º closure tabs lock behind the outer cans, while a perforation at the top allows easy removal. The “IQ” diecut provides brand clarity and visual interest.

2009 Eco Award
For: Buffalo Rock
By: Graphic Packaging International
This beverage carrier for Pepsi replaced the original plastic packaging with sustainable paperboard, a change that not only made the package recyclable but also reduced shipping and warehousing costs.

2008 Innovation Award
Lexus USB Mailer
For: Rapp Collins Worldwide
By: Great Western Industries
The designers saved the customer $20,000 by using 12-point board and VelveKote—a soft-touch coating that looks and feels like suede and allows for deep embossing—rather than actual suede for the cover of this premium promotional package. The board was also strong enough to protect an enclosed USB drive during mailing.

2007 President’s Award
Nestlé Turtles
For: Nestlé Canada
By: Jones Packaging
Tamper-proof tabs, a softly curving lid, and sliding sides let the package be opened into a bowl shape for sharing the confection with family and friends. The paperboard replaced the original plastic trays, dividers, and overwrap, making this a more environmentally conscious carton.

2007 Innovation Award
Electronic Hard Case for Kent Cigarettes
For: British American Tobacco
By: MeadWestvaco Corporation
As a way to capture the customer’s interest, this cigarette box’s top panel created a unique lighting display with an embedded circuit board, lights, batteries, and touch pad. To make the box reusable at home, its lid and back panel feature a magnetic opening.

2006 President’s Award
Holiday Oval Kleenex Facial Tissue
For: Kimberly-Clark Corporation
By: Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
This package features ornamental graphics and holographic materials on an unusual oval-shaped carton. The lid, which uses a combination of paperboard, plastic, and film, has a custom closure and dispenser. The design enables the tissue boxes to nest together for secure stacking and easy home storage.

2006 Innovation Award
Ice Pack
For: Cervecería Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma de Tecate
By: MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems
This package’s top flaps form a “chimney” so that ice can be poured on top of the beer cans, keeping the beverage chilled. The gusseted, paperboard bottom flaps interconnect with the side flaps to form a watertight seal and make room for up to two inches of meltwater.

2005 President’s Award
For: Labatt Brewing Company
By: MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems
This package not only has excellent billboard qualities but also lets the consumer carry a large number of beverage cans into a sports stadium. To easily access the beverage containers, the package features a tear-away section. Because of the nested can configuration, the package takes up less shelf and car space.

2005 Innovation Award
Blisterguard Security Package
For: The Topps Company Inc.
By: Colbert Packaging Corporation
By replacing the original plastic clamshell packaging with this tear-resistant, recyclable Blisterguard package, material costs decreased, line speeds increased, less waste was generated, and the amount of product lost or stolen at retail was reduced.

2003 President’s Award
For: High Falls Brewing Co.
By: MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems
Providing a structurally stable handle and opener to help carry a heavy 12-pack of beer, this package saved the customer money by better utilizing a lower-caliper board.

2003 Innovation Award
LiteAire Pop Up
For: Thayer Medical Inc.
By: Thoro Packaging
Replacing the original plastic container, this package not only met FDA requirements but also improved product performance. The package was also less costly to print and transport.

2004 President’s Award and 2004 Innovation Award
Family Time Perfect Popper
For: Family Time Snacks Inc.
By: Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
This package was designed not only to be microwavable but also to provide a no-mess container from which to eat the popcorn directly.