Package design created to bring out brand vision

Posted: February 16, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

Dr. Schar is a global brand leader in gluten-free products and top-selling Italian gluten-free pasta.

With such a reputation, Dr. Schar wanted its brand identity and packaging to match.

The team at QNY Creative was tasked with bringing a strategic vision to Schar and Bonta d'Italia lines for global unifcation of all the product lines from the U.S. to UK to Germany. The design team at QNY consisited of Ezio Burani, Paolo Artoni, Samantha Clemente, Iker Iza and Hsiao-Han Chen and from Design team Qreactive, Daniel Lignini.

The new line of bread, Artisan baker breads released in summer 2015, replacing the original Classic White and Multigrain loaves.