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Oliver Winery Launches American Heritage with Discovery of Flight Theme

Posted: May 2, 2014

Oliver Winery announces the introduction of American Heritage Winery, available at retail markets in the Midwest. Oliver Winery’s Manager Bill Oliver worked with long-time design partner Flowdesign to develop the name, look and feel of this, the newest of Oliver’s offerings.
“The challenge for us was to create a name that conveyed quality and professionalism. American Heritage, alongside the image of Wright Brothers’ plane, encapsulates the hard work and innovation in American history,” says Dan Matauch, founder of Flowdesign. “We hand-illustrated the plane and the simple rolling fields. We recommended high-quality textured paper along with a split-label design. Use of color along with the varietal appearing on the lower front label depicts each of the four wine types.”
Oliver Winery, located just a few miles north of Bloomington, is Indiana’s biggest and oldest winery. Founded in 1972, this Hoosier powerhouse produces over 700,000 gallons annually. For more, visit and