New Moscato added to line up

Posted: November 22, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

Enovation Brands, Inc. has added another wine to its line up: Gemma di Luna Moscato. 

Gemma di Luna is a premium Italian sparkling wine. The wine is crafted from moscato grapes grown in Italy’s Piemonte region. 

The bottle reflects the creativity and quality of the wine inside, according to a release.  The teal bottle is adorned with a  pearl white label and capsule enhanced with a laser foil effect. 

"Gemma di Luna represents and delivers on the dedication of Enovation Brands to create, differentiate and innovate for today's adventurous consumer," says Lisa Schuster, National Marketing Director. "We will continue to meet their insatiable appetite for discovery, break down barriers and biases in the wine space and unabashedly meet this need head on with relevant, story driven, purposeful products like Gemma di Luna."