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New iPhone FoodEssentials App Might Change the Way People Choose Their Food

Posted: April 21, 2010

Consumers can use the FoodEssentials Scanner to customize their food label view to focus on particular ingredients, food intolerances, or dietary needs and then compare products side-by-side to help them to choose the best products for their family’s needs.
While food labeling is under increased scrutiny, reading and comparing labels remains a confusing exercise for most consumers, not to mention allergy or food intolerance sufferers. The aim of the FoodEssentials Scanner is to leverage technology to simplify and personalize the food choice process. ¨Food labels contain a lot of information and everyone has their own specific needs," says Anton Xavier, CEO of FoodEssentials who cofounded the company in 2008. “We’re focused on delivering a personalized label experience for anyone with an allergy, food intolerance, or specific need.”
The FoodEssentials Food Label Database is at the core of the application. ¨Presently the database contains 160,000 commercially available products and over 30,000 ingredients,¨ says Dheeraj Patri, cofounder and COO. ¨In addition, we’re dedicated to collecting product data for scans that return no results, so that the more it is used the better it’ll get.” For more, visit