Milk brand now on shelves

Posted: May 23, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

A new milk brand is set to make an appearance on the shelf this week.

Hiland Dairy Milk, the summer flavored milks have featured flavors including Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate Truffle and Honey Cookie.

"Consumers want greater options when it comes to balancing good-for-you beverage choices with appealing flavor combinations and serving options. Our summer flavored milks are not only flavorful, they provide eight grams of protein in each serving – promoting greater focus and a feeling of fullness," says Gary Aggus, president of Hiland Dairy. 

Consumers report using Hiland Flavored Milks for summertime iced coffee drinks, smoothies, homemade ice cream or even morning coffee, according to a release.

All are available in quart cartons, contain no artificial growth hormones and are tested for antibiotics–to ensure the wholesome quality that's expected from Hiland Dairy.