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Meadows Publishing Solutions Previews DesignMerge Image Module at On Demand

Posted: May 5, 2010

Meadows Publishing Solutions demonstrated a preview of the latest DesignMerge Pro Variable Data Printing software, including the new DesignMerge Image module, at the On Demand Expo at the Philadelphia Convention Center.
Included in the latest release of DesignMerge for Adobe InDesign are the following new features.

  • GroupPicture: GroupPicture is a new software module that allows the user to create template blocks or "groups" that can be utilized as variable elements in a VDP job. Consecutive Numbering: DesignMerge now offers several built-in consecutive numbering features that allow numbering to be incorporated into any VDP job.
  • Scripting and Server Support: A robust scripting library has been developed for DesignMerge and is now available for in the latest release.
  • DesignMerge Image Module: The demonstration will include a preview of the new "DesignMerge Image" module, which is an optional integration feature that allows DesignMerge to work seamlessly with a number of Variable Image packages.

“The DesignMerge Image module is a fantastic way to connect Adobe InDesign VDP layouts to a variety of Variable Image packages,” comments Meadows president John Kriho. “As the markets for these applications evolve, DesignMerge customers will be able to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this emerging technology.” For more, visit