“Making the Materials Matter” Green Packaging Conference Jan. 26 in NYC

Posted: January 19, 2011

Agrion is an international business network with a focus on sustainable development and renewable energies. Our events aim to provide an educational platform as well as facilitate relationships between industry players. The event on Green Packaging will have a primary focus on alternative materials used in sustainable packaging, along with a discussion of the considerations needed in the manufacturing process and the industry collaborations required for sustainable initiatives to be successful. The target audience is comprised of packaging suppliers, buyers, engineers, designers as well as providers of green products, and providers of mass-manufactured goods.
When setting sustainability goals, Walmart announced that one-third of all consumer waste in the U.S. was attributed to packaging. As a major retailer, the company is just one of the many players in the packaging universe, which includes manufacturers, suppliers, consumer packaging goods (CPG) companies, and consumers. Given the diversity of stakeholders, introducing sustainable packaging measures within the industry equates to a lower ecological footprint across the supply chain. Implementing these solutions relies on decision-making and partnerships from many industry angles, and this discussion will consolidate several perspectives to understand the issue better from a materials point of view. In particular, the conference will address sourcing, packaging design and engineering, production, and end-user satisfaction for strategies that deliver sustainability without compromising functionality or marketability.
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