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Kudos Brand Reveals Refreshing New Look

Posted: August 17, 2011 by
Ron Romanik

Mars Chocolate North America partnered with CAG BrandFirst to create a dynamic new look for Kudos Milk Chocolate Granola Bars. The new package features the classic Kudos brand logo to maintain brand identity while delivering colorful graphics that are a far departure from the previous all-chocolate colored box.

The bright yellow background gives these packages a strong on-shelf presence while the chocolate wave at the bottom anchors the boxes together and creates a billboard effect. Improved packaging architecture maximizes the Kudos logo, allows for a larger product shot, and leverages the well-known secondary, cobranded logos—M&Ms, Snickers, and Dove—in a big way.

The new package design scored highly in testing and is expected to enhance brand awareness and increase purchasing power. The new design was implemented across a variety pack as well as bulk size cartons for club stores. Additional design materials included displays, shippers, and sales collateral.