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Insecticide package addresses ergonomics, safety

Posted: November 15, 2011 by
Linda Casey

Brazilian MatInset departs from category convention, with a PET package that considers both ergonomics and child safety. Charge Industrial Design (Chargeid) designed the bottle to create a differentiated look in the Brazilian liquid insecticide market, which the agency says is saturated by hard-to-operate stock metal cans and plastic containers.

Working closely with Hypermarcas SA's R&D teams and suppliers, CHARGEid was able to conceive a differentiated bottle structure for the insecticide category in which is saturated by hard-to-operate stock metal cans and plastic containers. (Brazilian MatInset Brand is owned by the brands giant Hypermarcas SA. )

Liquid insecticides are still in use in certain regions of Brazil where spray cans remain an expensive offering. Most commonly used in conjunction with pulverizer pumps, the bottle structure needs to maintain its squeeze-action properties while providing optimum ergonomics for liquid expelling directly on insects-infested spots.

CHARGEid took a close look outside the insecticide category in order to provide a shape that could represent a refresh for this type of product while maintain an industrial and trustworthy aesthetics vocabulary. It visual reference borrowed cues from gladiator shields and helmets, with side ribs that also function as gripping areas. The contoured waistline allows correct hand and thumb positioning for squeezing the product out. Child safety was also taken into consideration and the closure provided by a local supplier proved to be the right marriage between ergonomics and safety.