In-Mold Decorating Association 2016 IMDA Awards

Posted: November 16, 2016

In-Mold Decorating Association 2016 IMDA Awards

The In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA) is an association that represents molders, printers, material suppliers, equipment suppliers and others committed to the development and growth of in-mold labeling and decorating products, technologies and markets. Its mission is to raise the level of awareness and acceptance of in-mold decorated durable products and in-mold labeled packaging by original equipment manufacturers, brand owners and marketers.



Best Injection Molded Package, Gold Award

Easy Open & Hold IML Container

Submitted By: Polipa North America, LLC

Brand Owner: Premier Tech Home & Garden

Molder: Polipa North America, LLC

Label Supplier: Cakirlar

This tailor made IML package has been developed initially to replace classic cardboard packaging by improving the durability and presence of the products and brands. The package is a very convenient size and shape for easy grip and use with the flip up Tamper Evident feature on the lid.


Best Injection Molded Durable Part, Gold Award

Laundry User Interface

Submitted By: Eimo Technology

Brand Owner: Electrolux

Molder: Eimo Technology

Label Supplier: Nissha Printing

The OEM design group wanted to add a very challenging design to the surface of the UI, the Electrolux logo gradation fade from the outer edge towards the part’s center. It’s very faint, but was a “must have” for this user interface.


Best Label Design, Gold Award

Sparkle Canister

Submitted By: Dynaplast

Brand Owner: Tupperware Indonesia

Molder: Dynaplast

Label Supplier: Korsini Italy

Tupperware’s Sparkle Canister has a 3-D effect with a special glittering and sparkling look for a glamorous and modern impression. This great product design comes with great functionality. The canister is liquid tight and can also keep snacks and crackers fresh without losing crispness.


Best Blow Molded Package, Gold Award

Laban Baladi Yogurt

Submitted By: Verstraete In-Mold Labels

Brand Owner: Taanayel Les Fermes

Molder: Taanayel Les Fermes

Label Supplier: Verstraete In-Mold Labels

The company, Taanayel Les Fermes, chose the IML technique blow molding because with it one can produce hollow plastic packaging and decorate it with IML in one step. That makes it the perfect technique for dairy product packaging. The IML labels from Verstraete IML are moisture-resistant and can withstand temperature fluctuations.


Best Part Design, Gold Award

Scented Baby Wipes Package

Submitted By: Inland

Molder: Berry Plastics

Label Supplier: Inland

The Scented Baby Wipes IML part is integrated into a flexible package by offering an easy-to-use one handed pop-up dispenser – adding convenience for the consumer. This IML part has both a graphically superior design and a custom die-cut shape for functionality.


Best Product Family, Gold Award

Unilever Margarine

Submitted By: Verstraete In-Mold Labels

Brand Owner: Unilever America

Molders: PSPM Inc., Berry Plastics and RPC Bramlage Wiko USA

Label Supplier: Verstraete In-Mold Labels

The Unilever margarine tubs and lids are a great combination of an upgraded packaging with the best of industry standards for production technology. This project consists of seven sizes. These Unilever margarine tubs and lids make an impressive change-over on two levels. First of all, the shape of the products changed from round to rectangular. Secondly, Unilever decided to switch its decoration technique from direct printing to in-mold labeling.