Hybrid bottle wins Ameristar 2012 Best of Show

Posted: April 2, 2012 by
Linda Casey

Ecologic Brand’s eco.bottle took both the Best of Show and the 3M Sustainability Award at this year’s IoPP AmeriStar competition. To earn this honor, the package bested more than 150 packages submitted in 18 categories.

The eco-bottle is a bag-in-bottle concept offers the marketability of a familiar packaging shape and the sustainability of a pouch-in-pulp shell structure. Each eco.bottle starts with a molded paper, compostable shell made from 100% recycled materials (70% recycled cardboard boxes and 30% old newspapers). This shell, which is certified by Soil Control Labs to be compostable per ASTM 6868 standards, is then paired with a thin fully recyclable interior pouch. This plastic pouch enables eco-minded package designers to specify the eco.bottle for wet products that typically would be transported using rigid plastic containers. Eco.bottle’s thin interior liner uses up to 75% less plastic than rigid plastic containers.

This year, the competition added a new cross-category award— the Design Award for excellence in structural and graphic design. TricorBraun earned this award for supplying a custom-made bottle to New Artisan Spirits for its Roxor Gin.

The bottle was inspired by the architecture from world-famous skylines and is made by artisan glass-makers in Mexico City. The 750-mL bottle comprises cosmetic grade super flint glass with a flat, window-pane relief designed at the bottle’s waist. This relief serves as a grip and provides a space for the two-pass silkscreen label. The bottle’s parting-line is placed on a diagonal so it cannot be seen across the face. A 33-400 custom light-weight PP continuous-thread closure embossed with the spirit’s name provides the finishing touch.

Other AmeriStar winners by Category:
CATEGORY: Automotive
Package: 3M Automotive Car Care Products
Company: TricorBraun

CATEGORY: Beverage
Package: The Brew Shield™
Company: Royal-Flutes LLC

Package: Bottoms Up Vertical Case Pack
Company: Grafcor Packaging

Package: Starbucks VIA Ready Brew
Company: Starbucks Coffee Co

CATEGORY: Electronics
Package: Ten and Fifty Packs of HDMI Connectors
Company: Greenlee Textron, Inc.

Package: Skullcandy Supreme Sound
Company: Skullcandy

Package: FreshBox™ Line of packages
Company: Display Pack, Inc.

Package: PET Can for Snack Nuts
Company: Selig Sealing Products

Package: Quaker Oatmeal with Easy Pour Spout
Company: PepsiCo/Quaker

Package: Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats thin rolls & Goldfish Sandwich Bread (Flats) Package
Company: Pepperidge Farm Inc.

Package: Two Piece Display-Ready Asparagus Shipper
Company: Gourmet Trading Company

Package: Gatorade Prime Performance Chews
Company: PepsiCo

CATEGORY: Food, Institutional
Package: Chicken McBites Carton
Company: HAVI Global Solutions

Package: Cryovac Next Gen Boneless Beef Bag (B6620)
Company: Sealed Air, Cryovac Division

Package: The Bagel Bucket
Company: HAVI Global Solutions

CATEGORY: Health & Beauty Aids
Package: Schick Intuition Naturals
Company: Energizer Personal Care - Schick & Wilkinson Sword

Package: Maybelline New York, SuperStay 24™Color
Company: HLP Klearfold

Package: ASR/Schick 5 Blade Disposable Razor for Men & Women (Private Label)
Company: Transparent Container Co., Inc.

Package: Burt's Bees Natural Personal Care Product Kits
Company: Clorox

CATEGORY: Household Products
Package: Valspar Spray Paint
Company: Webb deVlam

Package: Ecologic Brands Inc. - Molded Fiber Bottle
Company: Ecologic Brands Inc.

CATEGORY: Medical Device
Package: Thoratec HM2 Tray Set
Company: TEQ

Package: Cook Urological
Company: Prent Corporation

Package: SmartPrep2/BMAC2
Company: Sealed Air Corporation

CATEGORY: Other Retail
Package: Sustainable Two Piece
Company: Plastic Ingenuity

CATEGORY: Outdoor & Gardening
Package: Scotts Snap Spreader System
Company: The Scotts Company

Package: Lickety Stik
Company: TricorBraun

CATEGORY: Promotional
Package: The Coca-Cola Party Tub
Company: CCNA Packaging Development

CATEGORY: Regulated Packaging
Package: Aerosol Twist & Spray Cap
Company: Valspar Corporation

Student AmeriStar Winners
Student AmeriStar Winner- 1st Place
Package: Squeezable Salsa Container
School: University of Wisconsin-Stout

Student AmeriStar Winner - 2nd Place
CATEGORY: Other Retail
Package: Airless Kicks
School: UW-Stout

Student AmeriStar Winner - 3rd Place
CATEGORY: Promotional
Package: Stringy Solution
School: University of Wisconsin -Stout
Student AmeriStar Winner Honorable Mentions

CATEGORY: Beverage
Package: Project: Moderate Shots
School: I Pack

CATEGORY: Electronics
Package: Illuminate: Solar Powered Paperboard Cell Phone Package
School: Clemson University

CATEGORY: Other Retail
Package: Adidas Chargers Shoe Box
School: University of Wisconsin-Stout