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Hair-care line shines in jewelry-inspired packaging

Posted: February 3, 2012 by
Linda Casey

Historic Italian brand CreAttiva debuts “Oro del Deserto” (Desert Gold), a hair care line based on argan oil. The packaging design expresses the Italian brand’s heritage and exotic heritage of Oro del Desserto's key ingredient—argan oil, which is made from the fruit pit of an evergreen tree native to Morocco.

The Oro del Deserto’s primary packaging was designed, developed, manufactured, and decorated by Lumson and chosen by CreAttiva’s brand owner Corani & Partners. To recall the magic of ““One thousand and one Arabian nights,” the packages all have metallic effects. The shampoo bottles are topped with a dispensing cap covered in gold aluminum and an over cap with a glossy metalized gold finish. All three bottles have hot-stamped foil to enhance the screen-printed designs.