Fully recyclable cosmetic airless package

Posted: August 17, 2011 by
Linda Casey

Lumson and Ringana have created a way to fully recycle cosmetic airless packaging used to launch the new skin care line “Rifresh.” The new “Circular” recycling method takes advantage of the innovative design of the new packaging by Lumson: “TAG System.”

The TAG-System is a designed, patented, and manufactured by Lumson. TAG, which stands for Techno Airless Glass, combines the beauty of a glass bottle with all the technical and functional advantages of an Airless System, such as protection and preservation of natural active ingredients from deteriorating, and a restitution rate of more than 95%.

The glass bottles have been customized for Ringana’s brand image, using minimal, neutral and natural color tones to enhance the freshness of the product contained. Frosted glass bottles, neutral dispensing systems, clear PP over caps, everything has been designed to create a delicate, natural and fresh image. To differentiate one product from the other one, the bottles have been screen printed, with lead-free inks, in different pastel colors.

In order to allow the reuse of glass and decorations in a constant recycling circle, and to protect the screen printing from deteriorating during the process, a special extra-strong “Ceramic Screen Printing” has been used by Lumson to decorate the packaging.

The packages also have a special Lumson patented multi-functional component called “Eco-Lock system.” This enables consumers to recycle spent packages by simply unscrewing the pump to separate the plastic components from the glass bottle. Once the glass has been separated from the plastic components the final user can send the bottle, already clean because it was never in touch with the product, back to Ringana. Each client who recycles 10 glass bottles by sending them back to Ringana gets a new cosmetic product for free.