Labels & Shrink Sleeves

Focus on package and label substrates

Posted: April 15, 2014 by
Linda Casey

Custom Cradle Package
Cradle packaging is custom-manufactured using corrugated board, solid bleached sulfate (SBS) laminate, and Mylar film. The carton pictured here needed an especially robust construction because it holds a 1.75-L Chivas bottle and its metallic cradle. The packaging structure was built from E-flute coated, 10-pt SBS, and 1-mil Mylar film. It was then printed and finished using seven colors, a tinted satin varnish, a secondary high-gloss patterned sealer, and micro-embossing.

Shrink Sleeves
Scuff-resistant shrink sleeves are reverse-printed to offer a resilient 360-degree messaging area. They can be applied to unusually shaped bottles and containers, which would be difficult to silk screen. The sleeves mask uneven fill lines and provide additional protection against bottle breakage.

Molded-fiber Bottle
The eco.bottle is a hybrid fiber-plastic package with a molded fiber shell and recyclable inner plastic pouch. The compostable shell is made from 100% recycled materials (70% recycled cardboard boxes and 30% old newspapers), which can be recycled up to seven more times. The thin inner pouch requires up to 70% less plastic to manufacture than rigid plastic containers do.

Smooth Paperboard
Candesce has an ultra-smooth printing surface that enables images to be printed in sharp detail. The paper is manufactured to perform well in post-press processes, including folding, die-cutting, foil stamping, and embossing. On-label FSC- or SFI-certification is also available in the paper’s full caliper range.

Flip-top Cap
Designed for use with skin- and hair-care containers, the Delight flip-top cap has a flat top that can be used as the bottle’s base. This feature allows consumers to store personal care product bottles upside down for easier dispensing. The eco-friendly polypropylene cap weighs less than 6 grams.

Printed Shrink Film
Printed shrink film offers a 360-degree billboard area for branding information, special offers, or seasonal packaging messaging. The polyolefin can be printed with up to eight colors.

Transparent Security Package
The Klearfold Keeper combines a printed plastic sleeve and a vacuum-formed tray, which holds the package’s contents firmly during distribution. The tray can be specified in a variety of shapes, including cat’s eye, rectangular, round, and oval, for differentiation on shelf. All package components are made from clear plastic, which enables consumers to easily view the contents before purchase. The patent-pending structure has a locking mechanism for package security and a thumb-notch perforation for easy opening.

Sleeve Film
Polyphane Fit is a roll-fed sleeve film that was engineered primarily for beverage applications. It delivers shrink ratios up to 50%, which enables brand managers and packaging designers to use the label with a range of contoured bottles.

Special-effect Film
Aurora Special-effect Film is an iridescent film made without metallization or pigments. Instead, the package and label film, available in widths up to 62 in., creates color effects by refracting light.

Tear Tape for Clamshell Packaging
Payne’s Elements printed tapes are designed as an alternative to heat sealing clamshell packages. The tape’s perforated lip enables a consumer to easily open packages without knives or scissors. The consumer pulls the perforated lip to tear the tape and release both halves of the clamshell.

Stone Paper
FiberStone Natural Stone Paper can be made into eco-friendly, waterproof labels. The natural stone powder used to make the paper gives it a silk-like finish. Because the paper isn’t made from trees, each ton produced saves 20 trees, 16,000 gallons of water, and 36,000 BTUs of energy.

Holographic Label
PromoPrism film is a patented prismatic label stock that consists of a paper base with permanent adhesive and a polyester film with a clear over-laminate. The structure creates a holographic rainbow effect.

Shrink-label Rolls
Printpack’s Acro Affinia products are roll-applied shrink labels engineered to offer up to 65% shrinkage. Because the labels shrink tightly onto the packages, they enhance the branding benefits of unusually shaped bottles by accentuating the containers’ contours.

Heavyweight, Coated Paper
MWV Tango’s line of coated papers has been extended to include coated one-side (C1S) heavyweight papers in thicknesses up to 24 pt (or the weight equivalent of 170-lb. cover). The heavyweight sheets have the same brightness score (92) and clean-white shade as other papers in the Tango product line, which includes sheets as thin as 8 pt.

Kemiart Lite+ is M-real’s double-coated, white-top kraftliner for flexo postprint. The smoother surface combined with high brightness enables the printing of half-tone pictures with excellent gloss and color density.

Linen-textured Paperboard
ES Cream and ES Natural line of coated paperboards was developed for eco-minded designers looking for a natural fabric look. The surface mimics the appearance and texture of linen and is available in cream and a natural brown color. The papers are made in the U.S. in thicknesses from 12- to 28-pt, and their manufacturing process reportedly uses less energy and water than conventional coated paperboard.

Paper Bio-film Structure
A new film structure is being tested by Innovia Films and Sappi Fine Paper Europe for use in the food, confectionery, and pharmaceutical industries. The structure uses Innovia’s cellulose-based NatureFlex film and Sappi’s Algro Nature and Leine Nature papers. NatureFlex films comply with compostable standards for packaging, including EN13432, AS4736, and ASTM D6400, thus the paper-and-film structure is also compostable.

Over-laminate Film
Lumirror U65V is a UV-stabilized, polyester, over-laminate film that protects labels and products against light damage. The film specifically prevents fading and yellowing of labels.

Lightweight Papers
Two lightweight options extend the Acadia NSR uncoated paper line. The 15- and 16-lb. papers are FDA-compliant and available in wet-strength options. The Acadia NSR paper line’s expanded weight range is now 15 to 75 lb.