Eco-Friendly partnership mission announced

Posted: September 26, 2016

Rivercap Absolute Green Line has announced its partnership with Snoqualmie Winery.

Rivercap Absolute Green Line is the maker of the new generation of eco-designed wine capsules.

According to a release, consumers demand sustainably produced products and wine makers are eager to extend their environmentally responsible farming and winemaking methods to wine packaging.

The first Snoqualmie wines to feature the new capsule are the 2014 red wines and 2015 white wines.

"I'm delighted that Rivercap's Absolute Green Line capsule is now a part of the Snoqualmie wine package. The AGL capsule provides a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the winery's commitment to fostering a sustainable environment," says Joy Anderson, winemaker with Snoqualmie Winery.

In anticipation of the release of the new eco-friendly packaging and capsules, Rivercap and Snoqualmie are kicking off a new advertising campaign in October.