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Earth’s Best Debuts Vibrant Baby Food Packages

Posted: August 17, 2011 by
Ron Romanik


Smith Design has created new package designs in three new formats for Hain Celestial’s Earth’s Best Organic Baby Yogurt, Baby Food Purees, and Pop Snax snacks. Smith Design worked closely with The Hain Celestial Group to create a vibrant brand presentation across all the product lines, branching out from its traditional baby food glass jars.

For the line of 4-oz multipacks in four flavors (Vanilla Prune, Apple, Banana Mango, and Peach Pear), the challenge included creating graphic imagery that leverages inherent equities of the highly recognizable Earth's Best franchise, strongly communicates flavor, and differentiates from other brands in the baby and toddler yogurt segment. This is Earth's Best first foray into refrigerated dairy. Key benefits of the line include fortification with vitamins and minerals and no refined sugars.

“The organic baby food consumer is educated and most concerned with purity and quality—and how she can most nurture her growing family,” says Martha Seidner, v.p. of Smith Design, who led the Hain Celestial project. “We kept the Earth's Best branding and 'baby' imagery in key areas of the face panel to help reinforce those aspects, while using strong flavor coding to make the line shopable. Mothers want to find flavor and the 'age - stage' that's suitable for their child in an instant. We created photoreal style imagery of appetizing fresh fruits to support the communication.”

The new Earth’s Best Baby Food Purees come in a resealable pouch format that’s new for the brand. The purees feature nine flavors combinations encompassing all three baby feeding stages.

The brightly colored pouches are vibrant with a cheerful backdrop to the wholesome photo-real illustrations Smith Design created to clearly and quickly communicate each flavor. "Moms shop by flavor and stage, so it was important to clearly differentiate between the 9 variants, and others, as the line expands," says Seidner. "As for moms interested in feeding their children organic, they look for the iconic Earth's best brand visuals which evoke that trust and the expectation of purity and high quality."

The Pop Snax air popped rice and potato crisps line is designed for toddlers, and fortified with iron, zinc, and six B vitamins. Smith Design worked closely with The Hain Celestial Group to design the look for the toddler snacking segment of the organic baby food arena. Pop Snax are available in two flavors—Veggie Blend (potato, carrot, spinach) and Sweet Potato Cinnamon.

The graphic design of the line is distinct from their infant foods line, and is packaged in canisters or single serve pouches, for on-the-go convenience. “The packages are playful and strongly color coded by flavor to communicate a fun snack suitable for toddlers as they transition to solid foods," Seidner says. “The objective was to position it away from 'baby' infant foods. The large Earth's Best Organic logo provides the trust of purity and healthfulness to consumers. Vibrant and fresh vegetable photography tells mom which organic veggies are used in each variety.”