Digital printing report offers guidance for CPGs

Posted: October 15, 2011 by
Linda Casey

In its latest Commercialization Assessment Report for Brand Owners, market research and consultant Karstedt Partners, LLC, aims to help consumer packaged goods companies better understand the marketing opportunities and related cost savings potential of digital package printing.

The report – Is Digital Printing Part of Your Brand or Operational Strategy? – encourages brand owners to think of digital package printing applications beyond just labels to include flexible and corrugated packaging, and folding cartons.

“We’ve seen the megatrend of mass production shift towards mass customization”, notes Mike Ferrari, president, Ferrari Innovation Solutions who collaborated with Karstedt Partners in preparing this report. He explains, “Successful brands understand the importance of packaging as part of the 360° brand experience touch points. This Brand Strategy report discusses the compelling need for change that goes beyond what Consumer Product Companies are providing or capable of providing today. The “next generation” brand experience will require packaging to provide engagement, relevancy, and interaction. This report changes the paradigm of package printing as a commodity and presents opportunities for brand owners to cost effectively take advantage of targeted shorter-run digitally printed packaging alternatives that includes on-package promotions, games, QR codes, etc.”

According to Karstedt Partners’ CEO, Kevin Karstedt, “Today’s brands are looking for better ways to connect with their customers which means creating more product SKUs and faster orders. Consumer behavior is changing, forcing a timely response from the Packaging Supply Chain. This trend will put even more pressure on the packaging supply chain to deliver output at lower cost and faster turnaround time. Our report is designed to help package designers, brand, operations, R&D, and purchasing managers create an actionable roadmap and determine the best approach for implementing digital printing for their consumer brands.”

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