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DermaQuest Revitalizes Packaging With Vyant Group

Posted: October 18, 2009

Vyant Group's ultimate goal was to position DermaQuest as one of the leading skin care lines. Vyant's client brief included the development of brand guidelines, positioning, brand strategy, media kit, sales collateral, product catalog, packaging design, and more. Vyant chose a clean bright look that included new silver packaging, a user-friendly website and several marketing pieces.

DermaQuest wanted the products to reflect on the outside what they feel on the inside and Vyant was able to convey that message clearly. "We chose to work with Vyant because they are true professionals who are experts in branding," says Sam Dhatt, an award-winning cosmetic chemist and owner of DermaQuest Skin Therapy. "The new look Vyant created for DermaQuest not only met our expectations, but also exceeded them! DermaQuest's new image has created quite a buzz in the skin care industry and we feel Vyant created our new look to match what DermaQuest Skin Therapy stands for—a scientific product line which is serious skincare yet elegant."

With the dramatic triple-digit increase in numbers since The Vyant Group repackaged the new skincare line, DermaQuest feels that it has exceeded their expectations and the return has been exponential. DermaQuest reports noticing an influx of leads and as numbers grow they are confident that by June 2007, they will continue to be a leader in the Cosmetics Industry.