Cosfibel Cases Pull Out the Stops for Category-Specific Boxes

Posted: October 21, 2009

Cosfibel-patented cases create a new gesture in packaging opening and the innovations play on the staging of objects that are particularly attractive for the jewelry, watch, and perfume market. Cosfibel's internal creation committee gathers together associates from different subsidiaries in the worlds of design, manufacturing, and even sales to create new ideas in packaging.

The Ecrin and Podium Box, both packaging and display, are based on a new opening style and a theatrical way of discovering the contents. The Podium Box works like a lipstick mechanism: a rotating base lifts the podium and opens the top. Virtually tamper-proof when the podium is not in the upright position, the pack allows small, precious objects to be totally protected. The Covering can be as varied as leather, textile and fabric, and the podium is covered in cardboard or thermoformed materials.

The Ecrin box can also don all the usual coverings used for mounted jewelry cases. Traditional at first glance, the box reveals its assets when it is opened as it unfolds to present its jewelry contents, bringing added value to the ceremonial and magical aspect of gift-giving.