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Color separation plug-in

Posted: November 11, 2011 by
Linda Casey


FineEye Color Solutions Inc. releases ICEit! 2.0, a color separation technology delivered as a Photoshop Plug-In. ICEit! is written to capture more of the original RGB image’s color gamut during the CMYK conversion, resulting in cleaner, brighter images that require less color editing. The ICEit! Plug-In replaces the default RGB to CMYK separation process in Photoshop.

ICEit! Separations reportedly print better and reduce ink consumption regardless of the device they are imaged on. They support industry standard GRACoL and SWOP specifications. With ICEit! Pro, designes can place the ICEit! separation in a Photoshop layer for added flexibility in color editing.

ICEit! is offered as a subscription ranging from $79-$189 annually.