Rigid Plastics

Co-Packer SOPAKCO Offers Shelf-Stable Heat-and-Serve Entrees and Sides

Posted: November 1, 2009

The South Carolina-based SOPAKCO company has introduced a new line of thermoformed, microwaveable plastic trays and bowls for packaging everything from chicken, beef and pork entrées, pasta and rice dishes, and other vegetable and fruit side items. Designed for single and multiple servings, the bowls and trays are available in three sizes (7.5-oz., 10.5-oz., and 14.5-oz.).

The trays are round without corners-which promotes even heating in the microwave oven-and integrated "cool grips" to keep unwary fingers safely away from heated contents. Both plastic containers are ideal for entrées and side dishes. The bowls are more traditional in design and are intended for soups, stews, and pasta/sauce combinations.

However, the package is just a small part of SOPAKCO's turnkey solution for those seeking to enter this potentially lucrative market. The company will work with customers to formulate and test recipes, prepare and package the food, and then warehouse the final product for distribution. SOPAKCO has the capacity to process and package more than 100 million bowls and trays in addition to more than 100 million pouches of shelf-stable products annually, making it a powerful ally for brand owners.

Because the shelf-stable packages do not require refrigeration, they do not take up space in the freezer or refrigerator, prime real estate for other foods and beverages. In addition to meeting the changing dining demands of young professionals, families, older singles and seniors, SOPAKCO's shelf-stable entrees and side dishes also are suitable for camping, hunting, and other outdoor adventures. They also are a great option for emergency provisions, a message that hits home with residents of hurricane-prone regions like the South. For more, visit www.sopakco.com.