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Clariant Stocks 80 Universal Masterbatches Available in Small Quantities Overnight

Posted: October 6, 2008

Clariant Masterbatches has rationalized its line of OmniColor® universal multipurpose colors and now stocks over of 80 of the most popular formulations for fast delivery in quantities as small as 25 pounds. Same-day shipment on orders received by 1 p.m. EDT is available to customers in North America.

Based on a multipurpose compatible carrier system, OmniColor products can be used in a wide range of polymers at an average letdown ratio of just 100:1. This is four times less than the 25:1 ratio typical for other colorants. This low usage ratio, along with ready availability and low minimum order requirements, make OmniColor products a versatile and cost-effective choice for plastics processors.

"With the intense pace of business today, maximizing productivity and inventory management are critical," comments Jeff Saeger, director of marketing for Clariant Masterbatches' North America region. "Now that we can offer same-day shipment of OmniColor masterbatches, in scores of colors and quantities both large and small, processors have more options for dealing with tight delivery situations."

Because OmniColor masterbatches are "universal," processors can consolidate their inventory of color concentrates. For instance, instead of stocking ten different reds (one for each of ten different resins), it is possible to get excellent results using the same OmniColor red in all those different materials. Saeger concludes: "In today's very tight economic conditions, manufacturers need to focus on reducing net working capital. If they can cut inventory costs with OmniColor masterbatches, that's a step in the right direction." All OmniColor masterbatches are cadmium- and heavy-metal free. For more, visit