Chroma's Biodegradable Masterbatch Receives ASTM D6954 Certification

Posted: November 23, 2010

Chroma Corporation introduces its new line of biodegradable masterbatches that allows processors to make standard polypropylene and polyethylene biodegradable. They also have a product for PET bottles and sheet. The products are FDA sanctioned and RoHS directive compliant. The products are ASTM D6954 Certified by the SP Institute of Sweden, which emphatically and unequivocally proves products made with this additive are completely biodegradable. The concentrate passed all three tiers of the test—degradation, biodegradation, and eco-toxicity.
But can it be recycled? Yes, Chroma has received a report from the Canadian government affiliate, Recyc-Quebec that shows products made with this masterbatch do not contaminate the recycled resin stream, as products made with PLA resins do. This new technology initiates a natural process in polypropylene and polyethylene to return the plastic back to nature.
“The advantage of Chroma’s new concentrate is that processors of typical PP and PE resin can now offer biodegradable products,” says Stuart Swain, Chroma’s director of sales and marketing. The shelf life of the product can be controlled by the amount of concentrate they use. This product allows plastics that have the biodegradable additive to be recycled also without causing damage to the recycled resin stream, which the PLA resins can cause. Unlike PLA resins, this product can be used in standard tooling, offers enhanced physical properties and at a much lower overall costs.”
In terms of processing, it works well in both conventional and high-speed thin wall injection molding, sheet extrusion, blow molding, and blown film. The product was designed for use in food packaging, closures, blow molded bottles, disposable thin wall containers, blown film and other applications. This product can also be added with Chroma’s color concentrates, which will have little to no effect on the degradation process. For more, visit