Carmit launches its first vegan chocolate

Posted: February 14, 2017 by
Katie Gravely

Carmit Candy Industries launches its vegan line of milk chocolate snacks, coins and buttons at Natural Product Expo West in march.

The new product line is lactose free, fully dairy-free and gluten free.

“Most vegan chocolate is dark chocolate, but Carmit’s chocolatiers have developed a ‘milk’ chocolate without dairy or milk,” says Adrian Sagman, VP of international sales and marketing at Carmit.

The chocolates come in two types: white chocolate and standard light brown milk-style chocolate. The packaging is a flow pack.

"The real challenge in developing this vegan chocolate line was to mimic the taste and texture of creamy milk chocolate, without compromising on texture or flavor, or by using synthetic ingredients, dairy or milk," adds Sagman. "The Carmit R&D team used simple, clean and natural ingredients, testing a range of raw materials and ingredients, in different quantities, to achieve an authentic milk chocolate look & feel."