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Brewers’ hearts heavy with the metal blues

Posted: December 16, 2015 by
Linda Casey


It seems like not too long ago, I was writng about how the glass shortage was affect the beer industry,  as consumers of premium beer expressed a preference for the bottle. The problem was so severe, that it prompted one craft brewing company to radically rethink its relationship with the packaging supply chain and enter the recycling materials business.

But tastes and preferences change, and today, and we see that cans, especially large cans, are resonating with the craft beer drinker. (Cans have a large, 360-deg billboard surface, which enables the brewer to express the beer brand both creatively on pack and with the recipes inside, and they protect the beverages from both light and air.) So much so, that the competition for cans among craft brewers caught the attention of the New York Times.

In Rachel Abrams' excellent article in yesterday's NYT's Business Day section, she looks at how brewers have closely aligned the packaging structure to their brand identities, and how the increasing number of mergers and acquisitions within both the beverage and packaging markets is affecting business growth and opportunities. I encourage everyone to read the article at this link,, and reflect upon how their brand's visual identity would be impacted by a materials shortage and how they would ensure that their business could keep growing.