Brand moves toward meeting consumer needs

Posted: January 5, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

A Montana brewing company knows its consumers to work hard and play hard outdoors. That's a big reason Philipsburg Brewing Company is choosing to package one of its most popular beers--Tramway Rye Pale Ale--in Alumi-Tek reclosable bottles from Ball Corporation.

"Montanans spend much of our time outside - hiking, fishing, floating, skiing and ice fishing, to name a few examples, in settings that go well with a cold beverage," says Maddy Mason, sales and marketing for Philipsburg. "We chose Ball's Alumi-Tek bottle because we want to make sure that the beer ends up in your mouth and not in your boat! The smooth pour and distinctive look and shape of Alumi-Tek offers a premium drinking experience to our fans, and a look that makes our beer stand out on retail shelves in a growing craft beer market."

Philipsburg Brewings's Tramway Rye Pale Ale is available  through distributor Summit Beverage, in much of southwest Montana, including Philipsburg, Butte and Missoula. 

"Today's consumers, particularly millennials, view cans as a convenient, portable and sustainable package that can go anywhere they go while protecting the beer inside from oxygen and light," says Bruce Doelling, vice president of sales, for Ball's North American metal beverage packaging business. "Cans also offer a 360-degree billboard for brand messaging and high quality graphics, making cans a fun package in any setting. Philipsburg Brewing is taking advantage of those benefits to deliver a unique experience to people who love great craft beer."