Brand Makes Product As Enviornmentally Friendly As Possible

Posted: August 20, 2015 by
Katie Mann

The Perfect Pod brand aims toward making their products eco-friendly in nearly every way.

Perfect Pod, a full line of products for the single serve coffee market created the refillable cups in their unique way.

Perfect Pod Eco-Fill 2.0 has it all in the name. The refillable cup lets the consumer take advantage of using whatever coffee he or she prefers and the cup has poly-flo technology within.

The product works with the K-Cup and 2.0 brewers, but is not affiliated with the Keurig brand.

The packaging for the product lays out exactly what the consumer should do with graphics on the back of the PET plastic box.

“Our goal on our packaging has always been two things: attractive to the consumer, and it needs to be self-explanatory. If the instructions weren’t clear, we’d get way too many phone calls,” says Dino Ditta, vice president of ARM Enterprises, Inc.

The ARM Enterprises and Perfect Pod team helps to make its products and it’s packaging as ecological as possible.