Bio Soap Wrapped in Fully Compostable Package is a Worldwide First

Posted: March 31, 2010

Umbria Olii International has introduced the first compostable soap wrapping, according to the company. This biofilm is based on FKuR’s Bio-Flex® and is used for the packaging of “Ecolive" laundry soap. Umbria Olii International “Ecolive” laundry soap is made from 100% natural olive oil. In order to emphasize their ecological commitment, Umbria Olii International searched for a wrapping film that was made from natural resources and certified as biodegradable (according to EN 13432) while, at the same time, was chemically resistant.
“The high content of renewable resources and the appealing glossy surface along with the certified biodegradability of the multilayer bio-film (supplied via Cartotecnica and Poligrafica Veneta) has convinced us," says Sergio Montano, president of Umbria Olii International. For the bio-wrapping, Bio-Flex® F 2110 and Bio-Flex® A 4100 CL from FKuR have been chosen.
Poligrafica and Cartotecnica Veneta, who extrude and print the film, expressed that the unique properties of this multilayer film as well as its straightforward conversion process along with the good printability were the decisive factors in choosing the materials from FKuR. Bioplastics are a class of polymers, which have properties comparable to conventional polymers, but are made from renewable resources or enable the biodegradability of the products made from this material.
Umbria Olii International is one of the most important Italian industrial users of Olive Oil. After several years of research, they have developed and registered an industrial process for soap, unique in its kind. They have a complete cosmetic range under the “Olivella” brand, and recently added a new product—the laundry soap “Ecolive.” For more visit or