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Berlin Packaging Wins NACD “Best of Show” for Kandoo Corner Buddy Package

Posted: April 17, 2014

The National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) is pleased to announce Berlin Packaging as winner of the prestigious Bernard M. Seid “Best of Show” award for 2011 for the Kandoo Corner Buddy package from Nehemiah Manufacturing Co.
About the Kandoo Corner Buddy package:
The Nehemiah Manufacturing Co. was looking to relaunch the neglected Pampers Kandoo brand and went to Berlin with the charter to design and launch a range of body wash, shampoo, hand soap and hand sanitizer packages that reinforced the brand attributes of “enabling play”. The Kandoo brand targets young children who are learning to enjoy independence. Berlin met with mothers and kids to understand how and where they use these product types. It was discovered that there was a need for a hand sanitizer package to travel in the car and to be placed in the often unreachable and unstable locations for hand soap and bath products on sink or tub ledges.
The “Corner Buddy” package meets these consumer needs by fitting snugly in the tub or sink corner. The development process included hand and CAD sculpting for the lifelike Kandoo frog character features, and results in a unique package that makes staying clean fun and safe for young kids.
NACD Awards are given to the package distributors that developed the packaging for their clients. For more about NACD, email info@nacd.net or visit www.nacd.net.